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Jérôme-Olivier Falcon

CEO - Managing Director - Business Unit Director

Fluent in English
Digital native
Depth understanding
Innovative thinking
Jérôme-Olivier Falcon
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Smooth Agitator | Facilitator | Simplifier.

French & Nigerian passports

Into Gaming since 2004

High level of commitment. Strong business development in (Go to) markets with high potential.
MarkCom omni-canal and Global UX expert.
14 years as digital pure player then 5 within a consulting agency.

  • took 20% market share of French local advertising in less than 2 years,
  • leading the moneytainment French regulation / 50% market share,
  • successful digital transformation of a Belgium retail company in 30 years of inertia / 400 shops (P.O.S) / €M120 TO: +7% growth,
  • built a paying community of one million members.

  • For a highly competitive industry.
  • Company looking for powerful growth focused on acquisition and retention of paying customers.
  • Where business & data intelligence means something.
  • Where creativity & innovation is seen as a key competitive added value.
  • Where global UX management is a daily concern.

Lived +13y at London, Brussels and Malta.
Worked at France, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, London, Malta, Lebanon, Cameroon, Nigeria...
Curiosity works here. "Every day is day one" (Jeff Bezos).
LMTD: Leading, Managing, Thinking, Deal Making.
  • From 4 years lost to positive balance within 15 months, mainly on the ground (14 African and Middle East countries).
Description de l'entreprise
Founded in 2009 with headquaters in France, Moobifun is a technology company providing complete cloud-managed solutions. Our services are adressed to mobile network operators, retailers, financial services and gaming operators across the world, with a focus on the growing economies, notably in Africa.

With two subsidiaries (Cameroon, Uganda) and teams based too in Nigeria and Lebanon, we provide solutions within 14 countries around the globe thanks to a team of 60 talented people.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Group digital transformation.
  • Complete digital assets overhaul (14 months roadmap - developers' army).
  • Monetization of digital and online media assets (paywalls).
    Media portfolio of 8 titles (Print, desk, mobile, app, and digital editions) leading to 1 billion 200 million page views and 12 million annual users market leadership.
    (covering the entire population of horse racing bettors).
  • Online betting operator platform under French licenses (HR and Sports), product/market parity, innovative features and premium rewarding programs.
  • Products parity ++.
  • Products innovation.
  • Go to markets (international).
  • Onboarding new business (BtoC as BtoB).
  • From media and operator to Social Betting & Gaming Platform.
  • Driving the rejuvenation of the group target and the acquisition of new customers.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Managing a team of 10 talents directly (15 in total)
  • Cross frame
  • Products P&L responsible
Description de l'entreprise
Owned by NJJ HOLDING Personal investment holding of Xavier Niel (French Tycoon), MATCHEM Group is a media leader (N° 1) is his category and a gambling operator (2 licenses to date).
Expert within horce racing data and sports since 1946.
  • MindTheGap is a Digital Strategy Consultancy

    MTG helps entrepreneurs orient themselves in their strategic choices.

    Based on more than 15 years of expertise in international markets in disrupted industries, the agency mainly but not only supports on issues of customer acquisition and retention.
  • Goods & Brands / Fintech / Entertainment / e-Content / Connected Devices / IT Agency / Gaming / e-Sport / e-Purchase
  • Significant Revenues increase (lowest: 3% / biggest: 20%)
Description de l'entreprise
The agency works with experts and freelancers on tailored solutions to any issues related to customers acquisition and retention.
  • The JOA Group is the 3rd largest (in GGR) gaming and entertainment operator in France with 33 land based casinos on French territory, a gaming club at Paris and an online betting site offering sports and horse betting. (2 300 employees).
  • AFJEL / ARJEL (Now / TracFin official spoke person.
  • Joint Venture ( manager.
  • Managing all departments involved (Marketing, IT, Finances, Legal, Compliance...)
  • Managing all external partners
  • Divide the structural deficit by two.
  • Managing platform change
Site web de l'entreprise
  • France|Spain|Italy|Portugal|Belgium
  • Launch of BetStars and the share liquidity platform
  • Recovered lost market share since 5 years within 11 months
  • Managing SE verticals: +30 people
  • +30M€/y net Mkg/Com budget
  • Liaising & responsible for all regional media and external partners
  • Official spoke person (liaising with SE regional authorities).
Site web de l'entreprise
    • Luxury Goods - Fine Contemporary Art.
    • Reproduction of exclusive pieces of Contemporary Art on different kind of support.
    • Limited edition only – numbered and signed by the Artists.
    • Customization on demand.
    • 3 years of growth (TO: €K50 to €K200) then sold in November 2015 with profit.
  • Founded from scratch.
  • Full development activities leading to a complete e-purchase on demand website.
  • Leading to the first Premium Contemporary Art Customization website.
  • France|Swiss|BeNeLux|Germany|Poland
  • Chiligaming Group - Gambling Operator, London/Malta (headquarters) – 50 employees – GW $15M – member of the Power 50. French Licensed by ARJEL.
    Global media deals and negotiations, white label, content providing, main partnership supervisor:, Setanta TV (Ireland), SEO, Google Adwords, Famous Poker Players as Ambassadors sponsoring.

    • DeepStackOpen event creation sold to Unibet
    • WPT Marrakesh.
    • Managing Director > leading BtoB gaming online magazine > 3 people.
    • Managing Director > leading BtoC poker online magazine > 3 people.
    • Achieving these 2 companies as profitable, tripling their audience.
      Main partnership of the company on a daily basis operation for French market ( – Iliad Group – Second biggest French internet provider – 12 million users > internet – TV box).
  • International Group expansion
  • EGamingReview Awarded in 2009: Industry Rising Star.
  • Achieving a 120K acquisition & retained paying customers.
  • Doubling the GW with a + 25% on the target.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Main iGaming French Inside News website and organization.
  • Lobbying
  • Conferences
  • Direct Negotiations with French State (Economy Ministry)
  • Leading to the French eGaming Opening & Regulation (ARJEL).
  • International Business & Development School
  • Digital Disruption and International Biz courses
Site web de l'entreprise
  • France|Swiss|BeNeLux|French Canada
  • World Poker leader - 600 employees - £1B GW.
  • Strategy, Budget and P&L full responsibility.
  • $10M Media plan management
  • Achieving a + 30% on the rake target + 50% on the GW.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • France|Swiss|BeNeLux
  • Belgium and London (headquarters) – 400 employees – GW £110M - €M45 budget mgt.
    • Public and press relations + corporate + French lobbying and Official Main speaker.
    • Cross selling internal promotion and retention management / First VIP program of the company established with a Black Premium Pass.
  • Leading the French BU to 50% market share.
  • Strategy, Budget and P&L full responsibility.
  • Achieving a + 300K retained paying customers> over achieving GW and EBIT by 150% the target.
Description de l'entreprise
Kindred Group
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Incubator &Communication agency (business nursery), Lyon (headquarters) – 40 employees.
  • Public and press relations, marketing and business development consultancy.
  • Advices for an average of ten ongoing different projects by year.
  • Achieving 6 living projects as companies.
  • France|Belgium|London|Barcelona
  • Headquarters – 100 employees
    Local agencies in the 8 biggest French cities
    37 cities covered with local content
    • London, Brussels and Madrid
  • Achieving a + 190K retained paying customers.
  • 20% National Market Share of Local Advertising Business.
  • First Car-pooling service ever / Bought / First local Ticketing service.
  • LiveCity: first local live news before iTélé
  • First dedicated premium ticket booking service with Pathé Group.
  • Local advertising market disruption
  • Constrains the leaders of the sector to come on my digital territory
  • Media content monetization & syndication
  • COMEX & Board
  • France|Swiss|Belgium|Spain
  • Digital Virgo (9 Telecom Group – listed in Paris) – Internet Provider & Re-creative Company - Lyon (headquarters) – 200 employees – GW €70M.
  • Launch of internet providing services in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.
  • Distribution of 28 million connection kits.
  • Leads up to 1M connections/month in pay-per-view > + 30% of the group GW.
Description de l'entreprise
Telecom leader in Internet Service Providing through Pay As You Go solutions.
Leader in hosting solution.
Site web de l'entreprise