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Jérôme-Olivier Falcon

Business Unit Director

Fluent in English
Digital native
Depth understanding
Innovative thinking
Jérôme-Olivier Falcon
45 ans
Permis de conduire
Lyon (69002) France
Situation professionnelle
Ouvert aux opportunités
Intra-preneur. High level of commitment. Strong business development in (Go to) markets with high potential.
MarkCom omni-canal and Global UX expert.
14 years as digital pure player then 4 within a consulting agency.

* took 20% market share of French local advertising in less than 2 years,
* leading the moneytainment French regulation / 50% market share,
* successful digital transformation of a Belgium company in 30 years of inertia / 120 people / €M120 TO: +7% growth,
* built a paying community of one million of prescribers members.

- For a highly competitive industry.
- Company looking for powerful growth focused on acquisition and retention of paying customers.
- Where business & data intelligence means something.
- Where creativity & innovation is seen as a key competitive added value.
- Where global UX management is a daily concern.

Lived 15y at London, Brussels and Malta.
Curiosity works here. "Every day is day one" (Jeff Bezos).
e-rational ninja ;-)
Description de l'entreprise
The JOA Group is the 3rd largest gaming and entertainment operator in France with 24 land based casinos on French territory, a gaming club at Paris and an online betting site offering sports and horse betting. (1700 employees).
Site web de l'entreprise
  • BetStars & South Regulated Territories Share Liquidity Launches
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Luxury Goods & Brands / Fintech / Music App / Entertainment / Classifieds Ads / Connected Devices / IT Agency...
Détails de l'expérience
  • Significant Revenues increase (lowest: 3% - biggest: 20%)
Description de l'entreprise
* International Business clients portfolio from Brussels / Lyon / Paris / London (1 to +200 €M TO)
* Coaching & Advices for Pure Players & Mortar Companies (Digital Increase & Change)
* Digital Development / e-Purchase / UX / Strategic Partners
* Inside delegation and sectoral exclusivity
  • Founded from scratch.
  • Full development activities leading to a complete e-purchase on demand website.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Leading to the first Premium Contemporary Art Customization website.
Description de l'entreprise
* Luxury Goods - Fine Contemporary Art.
* Reproduction of exclusive pieces of Contemporary Art on different kind of support.
* Limited edition only – numbered and signed by the Artists.
* Customization on demand.
* 3 years of growth (TO: €K50 to €K200) then sold in November 2015 with profit.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • International Group expansion
  • EGamingReview Awarded in 2009: Industry Rising Star.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Achieving a 120K acquisition & retained paying customers.
  • Doubling the GW with a + 25% on the target.
Description de l'entreprise
Chiligaming Group - Gambling Operator, London/Malta (headquarters) – 50 employees – GW $15M – member of the Power 50. French Licensed by ARJEL.
Global media deals and negotiations, white label, content providing, main partnership supervisor:, Setanta TV (Ireland), SEO, Google Adwords, Famous Poker Players as Ambassadors sponsoring.

* DeepStackOpen event creation sold to Unibet
* Managing Director > leading BtoB gaming online magazine > 3 people.
* Managing Director > leading BtoC poker online magazine > 3 people.
* Achieving these 2 companies as profitable, tripling their audience.
Main partnership of the company on a daily basis operation for French market ( – Iliad Group – Second biggest French internet provider – 12 million users > internet – TV box).
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Lobbying
  • Conferences
Détails de l'expérience
  • Direct Negotiations with French State (Economy Ministry)
  • Leading to the French eGaming Opening & Regulation (ARJEL).
Description de l'entreprise
Main iGaming French Inside News website and organization.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Digital Disruption and International Biz courses
Description de l'entreprise
International Business & Development School
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Strategy, Budget and P&L full responsibility.
  • $10M Media plan management
Détails de l'expérience
  • Achieving a + 30% on the rake target + 50% on the GW.
Description de l'entreprise
World Poker leader - 600 employees - £1B GW.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Leading the French BU to 50% market share.
  • Strategy, Budget and P&L full responsibility.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Achieving a + 300K retained paying customers> over achieving GW and EBIT by 150% the target.
Description de l'entreprise
Belgium and London (headquarters) – 400 employees – GW £110M - €M45 budget mgt.
* Public and press relations + corporate + French lobbying and Official Main speaker.
* Cross selling internal promotion and retention management / First VIP program of the company established with a Black Premium Pass.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Public and press relations, marketing and business development consultancy.
  • Advices for an average of ten ongoing different projects by year.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Achieving 6 living projects as companies.
Description de l'entreprise
Incubator &Communication agency (business nursery), Lyon (headquarters) – 40 employees.
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Achieving a + 190K retained paying customers.
  • 20% National Market Share of Local Advertising Business.
  • First Car-pooling service ever / Bought / First local Ticketing service.
  • LiveCity: first local live news before iTélé
  • First dedicated premium ticket booking service with Pathé Group.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Local advertising market disruption
  • Constrains the leaders of the sector to come on my digital territory
  • Steering Committee
Description de l'entreprise
Headquarters – 100 employees
Local agencies in the 8 biggest French cities
37 cities covered with local content
+ London, Brussels and Madrid
Site web de l'entreprise
  • Launch of internet providing services in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.
  • Distribution of 28 million connexion kits.
Détails de l'expérience
  • Leads up to 1M connections/month in pay-per-view > + 30% of the group GW.
Description de l'entreprise
Digital Virgo (9 Telecom Group – listed in Paris) – Internet Provider & Recreative Company - Lyon (headquarters) – 200 employees – GW €70M.
Site web de l'entreprise